OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASweaty, sticky, tacky heat; talking about the change in weather with everyone you meet. Rotary fans and ice cream vans, people making holiday plans. Windows down on cars and vans, babies out in pushchairs and prams enjoying the heat with their mams.

Barbecues start to be used, sausage and chicken and burgers, finger licking; Washing it down with a drink of your picking. Flip flops and shorts; summer dresses; children in swim wear, hats on their hair, playing for hours without a care.

Venture out, if you dare, sun cream on your body hat on your head, protection from sunburn, going red. Larger and lime or grapes from the vine. Bottles of water not from the tap, checking the forecast on an app and looking for the seaside on a map.

Then comes the night, all sticky and hot pyjamas on or maybe not. On top of the duvet the breeze on your knees all the pollen has made you sneeze. Lack of sleep daylight creeps on the bed in a heap. Get up early, out of bed you leap. Into the cool shower to raise you from your sleep.

On with the shorts and vest, you are already a sweaty mess. The summer is here to stay, you want to make the most of every day.

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