Green scene of grass and trees, a sight for the eyes to please, Pollen rising making sufferers sneeze, children with green stains on their knees from rolling in the grass and climbing trees. Green utopia swaying in the breeze.

Pink and white intersperse the green of the hedge, flowering berries line the edge, green of the box hedge deterring witches, cut like a ledge. Green of spring and summer too, grows with morning dew. Motors of grass cutters green, levelling the grass to improve the scene, clip back the bushes, blow away the leaves, clearing up with electrical breeze.

Then comes the rain, fine at first then building to a big outburst, satisfying the greenery, quenching its thirst. Water drops hang off the leaves and the stems of grass, like pure beads of glass glistening in the midday sun, light rays forming rainbows having some fun. Damp feel of saturated grass consuming its elixir that overflows, drinking its fill before it goes.

©All Rights Reserved Mark Symmonds 2017


Summer Nights

Summer night, gentle light stroking breeze, breeze summer ease. Garden lounge, friends around, fluffy clouds. Birds singing upon the wing and chirp with glee amongst the trees

Children in the distance, play all day finding each other and running away. Smell of cut grass, pollen and rape seed, soon for us to feed, silver lights cross the sky, planes carrying passengers and cargo way up high.

Lowering sun casting shadows across houses trees and meadows. Long drinks in gardens green, looking out over tranquil scenes.


Sun Haze

The sun rises in my eyes it’s always true and never lies, just hangs there in the sky. Blinding light, power to make you sneeze, struggle for breath and start to wheeze. It heats you up lifts your mood ultra violet It extrudes, exploding heat rays give way to atmospheric haze. Oh how I love these long hot days, barbecues and children play, to hot for indoors to stay.

Not mid summer it’s only May making the most of each sunny day. Evenings turn to chill, sitting out late is a lovely thrill, cooling down with long cold drinks, sun sets in orange red skies as glasses clink. Water seams a cold relief but cooling from the sun is only brief.

Off to bed to rest my weary head to hot to sleep, lay on the bed in a sweaty heap, until the early morning when through the curtains the sun once again does creep, after its short night sleep. Down stairs I must go to sit in the garden all alone hearing the owl and the chorus of birds, bleating of sheep in fields in herds. But all is peaceful and no one stirs.

The power of the sun is immense and warm it’s not gone much past dawn as the new day is born. Then comes the storm, thunder and lightning, crashing rain, washing the air on its route to the drain. In the aftermath of the storm comes a cool fresh air cleansing the day making it easier for the heat to bare. Oh how I love those long hot days, but soon will come winter and it will all be a haze.




yogaSitting in silence in the middle of the room, eyes are shut but colours come with a boom. Empty my mind of the daily grind but wonder what I will find. Music rifts drift seeping into my soul, rain drops trickle onto a metal bowl. my body has long since left it’s just me and my thoughts and my shallow breaths.

I let the nothing flow over into my head, no words are said, just images of the past. Rose garden with fountains and trees, where nothing moves fast. Victorian ladies wander with parasols like lost souls. I  drink from the fountain, water pure and cold, lit by the sun glistening and gold; this is an image I want to hold. My brain has escaped my body is cold, yet I feel safe and bold. It’s time to leave the garden via the gate, as I come down from my meditation state, paradise will have to wait

Slowly counting myself down, back in the room in the centre of town. Back to reality and all its gloom, settled mind, its back in the room. Light in the head, in a bit of a daze, the rose garden is now just a haze. Back to reality and life’s tangled maze



No MPs just candidates peddling their lies and messages of hate, now the election has a date when we all go to rate. Will they buy bombs, or give money to moms? Will they look after the old or just leave them out in the cold.

They all say their words but some are absurd, when they win they pretend we never heard. Promises made and then reneged, social class becomes a farce, when politicians get paid so vast. The gap is massive but we stay passive and let them rule the roost.

War on the world and war on the poor while they keep money sitting off shore. Money is their driving force not people of course, they would sooner you walk than have a car of course.

Low tax and no tax hacks, yet they charge us more to fund their wars. who is paying for this pain? the usual people they are all the same, they want to make you feel ashamed. what about people who moved to Spain, what have they got to gain? will they move home again as their money takes a drain.

Summer Days

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASweaty, sticky, tacky heat; talking about the change in weather with everyone you meet. Rotary fans and ice cream vans, people making holiday plans. Windows down on cars and vans, babies out in pushchairs and prams enjoying the heat with their mams.

Barbecues start to be used, sausage and chicken and burgers, finger licking; Washing it down with a drink of your picking. Flip flops and shorts; summer dresses; children in swim wear, hats on their hair, playing for hours without a care.

Venture out, if you dare, sun cream on your body hat on your head, protection from sunburn, going red. Larger and lime or grapes from the vine. Bottles of water not from the tap, checking the forecast on an app and looking for the seaside on a map.

Then comes the night, all sticky and hot pyjamas on or maybe not. On top of the duvet the breeze on your knees all the pollen has made you sneeze. Lack of sleep daylight creeps on the bed in a heap. Get up early, out of bed you leap. Into the cool shower to raise you from your sleep.

On with the shorts and vest, you are already a sweaty mess. The summer is here to stay, you want to make the most of every day.