Big Green bulging eyes met the fishermen over the side of the sea battered trawler as they hauled in their slimy nets with the stench of fish. They had found the sea serpent that they had sung of in those old sea shanties. Now, the serpent was on their deck writhing and gouging, drawing it’s long sharp, razor like, teeth at the flesh of these seasoned “hard men” of the sea. Terrified, they tried to run, to hide. But each one new his fate. The monster tore them systematically apart d ate a feast of heart and soul. Until none of the fisherman was left alive, all ripped apart.

The sea monster, then slid over the side and was gone, back to the depths of the dark sea where nothing ventures. The wireless sparked up on the bridge of the trawler, checking why the boat was overdue. No one answered, then came a terrified struggling voice, “the Serpent”. Then silence. The rescue boat launched and found the stricken vessel floating miles from its original position. As the crew boarded the stricken vessel they looked around for signs of life, there were none, just mutilated bodies and scattered bones. As the rescue crew moved to the side of the trawler they saw a pair of large bulging eyes. The Serpent took them by surprise