Steamy Windows

Steamy windows from warm breath, panting and sighing until you scream, rivers of passion fogging the screen. Lovers indulging, gripped by the moment, steamy windows, no one can see but they all know what you’re up to and smile with glee.

Passions flaring, glowing bright aura of love penetrates the night, cold moist air meets hot blooded flair, lovers unite without a care. Hot bodies with sweat drenched hair, in a steamy car in the middle of nowhere. State of undress, hot caress, no duress, wanting to impress.  

Two lovers blowing a hot gale, until excitement prevails and one of them wails. Steamy windows, dripping fire from back seat desire in little attire.

©All rights reserved Mark Symmonds 2017

In My Car

battered car

In my car that’s taken me far, along miles and miles of tar. I sing to the radio and tap on the wheel, press on the break to bring it to heal. It takes me to work and to play, and sometimes takes me out for the day. I don’t want to change it in any way. I just want my old car to stay. Dented and battered it never will end, for it is indeed a good friend.

It’s not the trend but I can pretend and make do and mend, cos my car will go far on this tar even though the number plate says R. oh where would I be without my friend, I love my battered old car.