Stuck, trapped in the middle of helplessness not knowing which way to turn, thoughts and memories burn in my head, mulling over what’s been said, digging deep in my heart, don’t know where to start. Ripped out heart, yet head fighting with who I am, wanting to upset yin and yang.

I’m not sure what I’m doing is right, fed up of the constant fight, family should be tight but taking advantage is killing my might. Thoughts of you on the street in the middle of the night, I begin to think everyone is right, what they say about family. They think I’m heartless, couldn’t care less but deep in my heart, where nobody sees, you sit with unique ease,

Flesh and blood, stick by your kin, no matter what trouble they bring. yet, the threats the violence are all too much, it takes me to a world I hate so much. It upsets my flow, my yin and yang and tries to make me different to who I am. I can’t give if you don’t receive no matter who I am.

© All Rights Reserved Mark Symmonds 2017


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