Unlock the chain that holds you close to insane, release the caged tiger to play in the rain. Let out the lion to roar on the plain and the Eagle to fly on the wing, let your self be a king. Let the bumble bee sting as it moves from flower to flower driven by the wind. Let the butterfly dance and take a chance as you float and prance in the morning air.

Unleash the elephant, the mighty giant of the jungle, let him wallow in the filth of the city plodding streets and jitties, pounding the beat to a cumbersome ditty. Release the hound into the pound let it bark in the dead of night sounding out tormenters plight. Untie the horse to gallop on free from reins to stretch its mane, thundering hooves as it gracefully moves.

Let all your animals break free, like spirits hanging at minds outer limits. Flying through the world as though there last day was upon them, ready to pounce on every ounce of life, living a dream no strife, no life teetering on the edge of a knife. Free the animals inside you, let them run and dance and play, for this is the whole of you, set it free let it come through.

©All rights reserved Mark Symmonds 2017

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