Data scrambled in my head trying to make sense of every thread. Megabytes spinning left and right. Pulling binary tight then stretching it out of sight. Windows open in front of my eyes, spam comes through to tell me some lies. Virus protection was installed as a kid but now and then gets boosted by a tablet.

My bios settings are blue, Snapchat is all I get from you. What’s app I hear people say, my calendar tells the time and day, soon you will be on your way. The weather app forecasts a deluge of you. I load my external memory drive where I keep your memories alive loaded with photos and films in my private archive.

Circuits in overload, mixing up data and rejecting code, hard drive malfunction, burnt out junctions, chip malfunctions. Updates come sailing down, sending my data spinning around, unable to access my programs, load and reload but nothing bestowed. Then with the newness of all the changes, comes to be repairs to the glitches and bugs in me. Cos, I am renewed and running again, logged in for all to see.

My data processes at lightning pace, reading the signs in your face, biometric scans to stop your scams, whirling of electricity powering Webcams. Functioning properly shiny and new only my programs still run, now I have erased you.

©All rights reserved Mark Symmonds 2017


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