All in black, mystery woman tell me all you have in your soul, let me be your mole digging out what’s inside of you, as I have not a clue what is true. I see you standing by your door I say hello but am scared to ask anymore.

Lady in black where are you from, are you weak or are you strong? Let me hold you tight at night and explore your body until daylight. Let me discover the mysteries of you, how you work; every nut, bolt and screw, wanting to disassemble that barricade to get to the real you.

Woman in black don’t knock me back, let me write my name into your heart so we never drift apart. Let me smother you with cloaked love, sliding you in like a well-fitting glove, let me reach deep into you and pull through what’s trapped and hidden away, let love come out to play.

Woman in black I long to know who you are, let me see your healing scars, call me in from afar, to drink from your mysterious spa.

© All rights reserved Mark Symmonds 2017

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