Buckets and spades and dark sun shades, deck chairs form a promenade. Children in hats play in the sand digging with anything including their hands. Mum’s and dads and aunties and uncles’ grandads and nans all sit around the beach watching the children just in reach.

Sand castles and ice creams, fizzy drinks, bags of chips to linger on the hips. It’s a day at the beach in the hot roasting sun, nice place to be when the week is done. Rest and relaxation and a bit of fun especially when the shopping is done.

There is no tide no place for to hide, but there are some fairground rides, we travelled not far not even by car, and you will never guess where we are. The beach is not by the sea no cockles and winkles for your tea, the beach isn’t miles away you don’t need a caravan to come and play. For this is a beach on my market square, couldn’t believe it’s was right there, so after shopping it’s onto the fair then the kids build castles and throw sand everywhere, hat on my head I’m on a deckchair, relaxing my body without a care.

© All rights reserved Mark Symmonds 2017

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