My pallet is full of colour, some very bright and some very pallor. My colours show up every day, come rain or shine, sometimes murky and sometimes divine, all the colours are all mine. Some come through and really shine, when life is treading the right line, showing up like spring time. Sometimes they arrive on their own, sometimes with other colours they rhyme, fighting to decide which one is prime.

Some colours of mine are dark and mysterious, washing out the colour, leaving a murky wash where light no longer shines bright, blending into the night hiding the beauty out of sight, sometimes it spoils the mood, other times it sits just right. On the page, the colours fight to make it clear who is right.

My colours are a wonderful sight, blinding bright, then fading with the light. People debate which colours they like and which colours blight. For some the bright is always right and what they want to have always in sight. For others, the darker greys and murky haze is what they see every day, even when my blues fade away. All my colours are here to stay, changing place day by day, I can’t choose how they lay, but, if you don’t want to see all my pallet my picture is not for you, so go away and find a pallet anew.



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