King on a mountain surveying the plains, there stood a proud creature with long main and a hunting brain, watching for pray observing how they feed and lay. King of stealth of freedom to reign to roam the vast plain. Don’t lock him up in a cage so small, in isolation no pride at all.

Laying in the mid-day sun, cubs playing rolling jumping running; learning to use their cunning. The lion watches the zebra drink at the water hole his eyes fixed on the heady mix, food to keep them nourished, to help the pride live and flourish.

Up on his paws stretch those long sharp claws, breath he draws. The king starts to charge grabs a zebra left at large, pack descend on the wild prey eating and fighting in the heat of the day, vultures circle waiting for their place in the chain.

Leave this majestic beast roaming the plains protect from hunters, their fate is a shame


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