Words tell a million stories, some believable and some absurd, scaring you to the core with just one well-placed word. Words can define you or undermine you, be true or false. Words can kill you and hurt you inside as they punish you and deride, kicking you in the side, beating over you like a tide giving you nowhere to hide.

Words can sooth and bath you in glory, make you lose yourself in a good story. Words can tell you, you are loved, fitting like your favorite glove, keeping you warm and happy, only nice things do you see. Words cause wars, ripping apart worlds by scores, words that are full of hate, designed to berate. Words of religion tell of what went before but lay others of god raw, say no more.

Words are funny making you laugh, like a hyena or even a giraffe, they make you laugh out loud, or chuckle back in side, where your happiness and humour safely reside. Words can rhyme although if they don’t it’s not a crime, words can make something chime. Words can give introductions but can also cause destruction and abduction. Words can describe pungent scents and flowers, words can make you hungry and your mouth savor.

Use words wisely and for good as you know you really should. Don’t be miserly, write plenty, let your pen work until your mind is empty.

10 thoughts on “Words

    1. Thank you for your kind words my inspiration is just life this stuff has just been coming to me but reading other people’s work is inspiring I guess from a young age I listened to pay Aires and l9ved her crafting of words


  1. Hey Mark! Words is a clever witty and inspiring piece of writing I’d like to reblog. Would you kindly grant your permission?
    Great writing either way!

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  2. Reblogged this on XP NUGGETS and commented:
    Hello readers! Here is a nifty post by Marksymmonds. “Words” is filled with clever rhymes that brought joy to my mind! Hope you enjoy ‘Words” as much as I did! Thanks Mark!

    P.S. I’ve been super busy working on projects for the blog thank you for all your patience! Tons of exciting things on the way!

    ~ Kickz

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