I see you from afar and wonder how you are. I try to catch your eye so you know that I spy, the shimmer of your hair catches my eye and your image occupies my head as I lie in bed. I want to say hello but the rejection I just dread. I wonder if you are happy or long for someone close to share all your days and make memories you value the most. 

I see your body tattooed and very slim, is thinking about you really a sin? I want to see you on summer days and walk with you in the sun’s haze, to whisper sweet nothings in your ear and be glad I’m here. I want to feel your body the soft warm skin,  the tremor of your pulse as our love sinks further in. I see your face absent of a grin, and wonder what is within. 

Let me hold your hand and walk with you bare foot on warm sand. Let me enrobe you in my arms and smother you with tickets and charms, when you panic and cry let me bring calm, to wipe away your tears and whisper I love you in your perfect ears. 

But I am scared to say how I feel in case you laugh and think that I am daft. Opening up my heart has never been my craft. But if I catch your eye and you see my smile so Rye then know I really want to say I want you to come out and stay. If you find this poem and think it’s all about you, only you know what you must really do. And if you feel the same as I do, then pop over and tell me that you really do. 

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