I am a nomad no fixed abode, always on the road. Moving from place to place never knowing what I may face. My home on my back my hole world in a pack, always going forward never looking back. Nomadic and free I can be me and people will say who’s he. No one knows me just let me be for I have places to see.

Odd jobs for a couple of Bob, food and a bed to lay my head. Lasting friends that I will never see again, life with no pain. Walking miles agony and smiles, keep moving, never stay still, come and go at my will. Hot and cold I walk so bold no one to have and hold, just memories and stories of adventures that unfold. 

Very content in Hut or tent, but sleeping out under the stars noises echo from afar. Sand in my shoe, and the twilight hue, sunsets clue. Maybe one day I will meet you. Find a safe place to hide my face and sleep until the day is new. 

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