Tired woman are sleeping

Body heavy mind light, sleeping anytime but not at night. Beyond the fatigue my body goes, no sleep will make it go, hard to move feel so low, where is my get up and go. When will this melee pass? I don’t know it’s becoming a farce laying here waiting for it to go

Beyond fatigue lives a place full of nothing. A place where the mind rests and colours stream in but timeless like on the edge of sleep but heavy in the limbs and longer to wait. I must try to move, to generate some energy to fire me up. It won’t come in bundles, just enough for me to stumble, to move around and lay down with this sensation washing down my body slowing me to a trundle.

A good night’s sleep won’t see it off as I nod off with half-finished mugs of tea and coffee relics of an afternoon nap why won’t my energy come back.



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