Alice Del Mar has been feeling a bit under par and is going to meet a friend for a spa to relax in the bubbles to sooth away all their troubles.  She goes to the bank and into her account sank, to rescue the money for the spa. The hole in the wall with the green surround dispenses the money in five and ten pounds.

But, as our heroin Alice looks round two burley men knock her to the ground. They look to the left and look to the right there is no one in sight. They pick Alice up off the ground. With a crimson lip and painful hip, she struggles to get free. But one burley man puts in a knee and poor Alice is put down again.

They bind her and gag her and put her in the boot of the car she does not know where they will go but she hopes it won’t be far. Once at the car the boot is ajar and she is shoved in the rear, the lid comes down with such a bang it nearly bursts her ear.

Alice Del Mar is locked in the boot of a car, not knowing where they are going or how far they will take her in this dark smelly car. She screams and bangs but no one can hear, a lesser woman would shed a tear. Off went the car with Miss Del Mar stashed away like a prized loot. Her breathing was mute as she listened for clues to the route. Alas, there was none only dark and the hum of the car.

She fished in her pocket and pulled out a key, this was a chance to get herself free. She fumbled the key into her teeth and pushed it into the catch hoping to spring the latch. Up shot the latch and she opened the hatch and rolled onto the tarmac.

She kept on rolling off the road and into a hedge all pitch black in case her abductors turned back. She lay oh so still at the top of a hill, unable to let out a shrill. Tied and gagged and scraped and scratched she lay silent waiting for the car to come back. But all she could hear was the wildlife here move with a grunt and a crack.

She got to her feet and staggered to the road, hoping for a passer-by to meet. A car pulled up at the side of the road Alice was ready to explode. A woman got out and said hi I’m Carol and this is my husband Pete.

They bundled Alice in through the side giving our heroine somewhere to hide. They took off her ties and gag and soon their tongues started to wag. Although Alice was cold all was told as they drove to Alice’s abode. She finished the story at the top of her road.

When she got in she headed for the Ginn and poured a big one with lime just as the grandfather clock struck nine. She picked up the phone and laying prone she told the police the tale of her woe.

Yes, Alice Del Mar arrived home safe and well with yet another story to tell.


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