hoodie-banOur heroine Alice Del Mar retrieves a flashlight from her car, hearing gunshots from afar. On with the light breaking the night, she takes flight not knowing what will come into sight.

More shots across the park she lights a cigarette with a spark. The torch beam sweeps the park not knowing what she will find. More gunshots rip at the air she is working blind.

Heart beating faster and faster senses in overload she is a long way from the road carrying her heavy load. Sweeping the paths to the lakes not knowing what’s at stake or what carnage the gunshots leave in their wake.

Onto the woods all dark and mysterious she realises this is getting serious. Night shrouds the woodland, how she wishes she was part of a crowd as the gunshots are getting loud.

Suddenly her flashlight spots a figure in the middle of the light. There was a man in a hooded top taking aim and pulling the trigger wanting to have a pop at a beautiful fox. He turned the gun on Alice del Mar she wants to run but won’t make it to the car.

She freezes not knowing his next move, would he shoot or scoot. The alarm in his eyes and shaking of his arm raises Alice’s inner alarm she knows she may come to some harm. She turns off the torch and gets down on her haunch and ready to move away. Alice is not sure if she will live anymore and if this will be her last day.

On the floor to the right of her she feels a large stick, it’s in her hand with one gentle flick as she hears the dead man’s click. The gun has run out of rounds. She is up off the ground and onto the gun with her big stick two punches and a good hard kick.

The gunman falls to the ground ammunition spread all around. He’s writhing in pain trying to retrieve the gun again. She brings down the stick and starts to pound. She screams and screams but no one’s around.

She runs into the night driven by adrenaline caused by fright not lead by the beam of her flashlight. She keeps on running until the woods are out of sight, the car is ahead she is using all her mite.

She gets to the car, unlocks it and falls into the seat, gasping for breath and feels the heat. She gets on her phone to report home and ask for the police to meet. Our heroine Alice Del Mar has made it back to her car. This is her biggest adventure so far.


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