Hey hey its washing day all the clothes are on their way.

Fill the drum and twist the dial, press the button and leave for a while. Sort out the clothes colours whites and cottons too make sure the pockets are empty of money and tissues. Four piles all on the floor washings becoming a bit of a bore. When the loads finished open the door pick up the sock that fell on the floor.

Into the basket, the wet load goes. finding the wash ball for detergent is a bit of a game but its needed to do the job all over again.

Now let the dryer take the strain you can’t put it on the line it’s starting to rain. So, time for a coffee while you wait for that gurgling noise as the machine starts to drain. Then repeat over and over again and again every week is more of the same. Sometimes you sit and watch the drum spin, sometimes you wish you could get in.

Oh, how the clothes smell fresh and you have managed to clear all the mess. The dryer has finished the clothes are all hot shirts and trousers and sheets for the cot. Then you wonder if next week will be the same and if they will notice if clothes are washed again or not.

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