Long and short thick and thin made of metal and tin fixed blade and folding; mass produced or hand made. First it’s out then it’s in no fuss no din.

Home made or bought from a store shiney new or used before. One lunge and they knock you to the floor.

The knife is a common weapon we all have mums and dads rockers or chavs. Eating, cutting, sawing, gnoring, all the things a knife was ment to be. Now, these are used for killing you and me.

But it is not the knife that kills and mains and life it drains but the person who used it and what was there intent. Were they carrying it for their job or just cos they are hell bent on being a yob.

It’s cheap it’s available and is disposable the weapons of choice to defend your self,  no guns do we carry; no ritual Swords to send us to our Lord but the knife that puts out life is rife.

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