naomi at abington

Wind blowing, waves rippling with low light on the peaks of the water which laps at the side as the ripples spread out wide. Moorhens and coots: swans and mallards swim to feed on what morsels we have to delight.

Back and forth the mallards go with and against the ebb and flow. The swan so graceful and white floats on the water as calm as a kite, diving for fish and any scrumptious delight.

The wind gets stronger the waves start to rush now the pigeons have arrived and are making a fuss. No bread we have to feed the birds just oats in a pot to save their world.

People sit on the bench watching the world pass watching the birds and the waves. The serenity of the lake they crave. Greens and yellows and browns and blues young girls and boys in colourful shoes.

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