Come here carer into my lair. To move me to bed from this God awful chair, help me undress I feel such a mess.

Light fades into the dark, the streetlights dim on the edge of the park. Alone with my thoughts and demons and devil’s; I watch the lights racing past as people go about their business blinkered and fast.

I scream out in pain in the dead of night, so loud the devil gets a fright. My carer comes running and flicks on the light with a big cup of tea and tablets for the pain, it takes ages to subside but it’s all in Vien.

She huddles in the dark in that God forsaken chair, crumpled and weiry with a fixed stare. No noise she makes but hopes in the morning I will awake once again.

Awake with the lark and the receding dark birds spring to life on the edge of the park. She is still in my lair all crumpled and with scented hair; still fast asleep in my chair. I wish I was gone and not really there.

I feel her burden, her pain and her anxst. She wakes with a stir and her head full of dread, is she hoping that maybe I’m dead. Her eyes are wet with tears and sweat.

I feel her pain of routine again and again, no freedom no gain, I’m such a drain. A million things go through her head but all the time I’m still in bed.

I love her so much she is my crurtch.Always there in my hour of need to do any job or deed. She is my carer my life support home grown who nobody taught; full of emotions and thought hidden inside never let out wide.

When I’m alone I many times have cried for the both of us have burdens to hide. Oh in the night I wish I had died.

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