Dyslexia 5

Brain unclouds as the mystery peeks out from beyond the dark shrouds, the hidden gem tucked deep inside, a secret hide. The end of a long ride; the turning of the tide. No longer need to hide, life taken in my stride. Embarrassment lifted, pressure shifted, memories sifted, brain explained.

Change of behaviour long ingrained, dyslexia no longer reigns. No need to explain or feel ashamed, esteem regained, demons slain, back in the game. End of the pain that made me look so lame, now pulling out into the fast lane.

Assistive devices, mentors advise, seeing me with different eyes. Electronic wizard, no more word blizzard. Understanding still demanding but life commanding.

©All Rights Reserved Mark Symmonds 2018


Secret feelings flash in your head, mulling over all that was said. Blaming yourself, filled with dread, head still running lying in bed. Insecure low demure, long road to get a cure. Want to run, but legs on stun, no let up when darkness comes. Anxious to please, the day I want to seize. Heart beats fast, sweating palms, why won’t my feelings calm.

Antidepressants, there’s still no effervescence, side effects not pleasant. Counselling room once a week, finding it hard to speak, stony silence, eyes gaze internal struggle it’s such a muddle, would prefer a cuddle. Reading books about black dogs and fog, read someone’s blog.

Mental health label of stealth, stigma seen as an enigma, dangerous person, things with you will only worsen. Media hype a load of tripe, branding all for actions of a group so small. See me as I am, not as the only man, talk to me like I’m all right, honestly, I don’t bite. Help me from this dark shadow into the light, where I can be me and feel alright.



Dark clouds rush to form in the sky, darkening like the end of the world is nigh, it won’t be long until you are in the storms eye. Cold wind blows to cool your soul, sun shine disappears into a black hole. Rumbles echo on distant plains, soaked by torrential rains. Then a crack and a shard of light flashing across the sky like it’s electrified

Count the time from bang to flash, wait for the crash,  then into the house you dash. Thunder louder and louder, lightning forking to the ground, picking targets all around. Then comes the soft pita patter of rain, cooling the earth in village and plain.  Louder the bangs quicker the lightning this storm is getting frightening.

Rain torrential, saturating the ground, rivers of water flood the drains, overflowing the puddles do not go. The storm is over head, there’s pressure in your head, black clouds provide a shroud, lightning splitting the cloud.  Then the banging starts to subside and lightning strikes have now where to hide, rain eases and subsides. White fluffy clouds glide, Sucked along by the power of the storm. The wind dies down,  the freshness of a new day, here to stay