The Funny Man’s Mask

depression-hurtsBehind the jokes and laughs the Funny Man’s Mask, lays the real face, one of despair which the funny man will never share. Depression and anger all go away for a few hours a day when the funny man comes out to play.

Without his mask, he has little to say and wishes that black cloud would go away. When on stage there is laughter and rage and the happiness is let out of its cage.

It’s all an act just a pretence, just to earn a few pence. He makes us happy for a short time then he’s back to his solemn state as he goes home again.

Next time you see the funny man out in the street ask if life is ever so sweet or does that black cloud come down to his feet. Is he wearing his Funny Man’s Mask? Just ask.

Blog the Dog

Blog the dog was a bit of a hog, he would eat anything even a frog.
He got very fat when he ate a cat he chased it down and that was that.

He got very thin when a bee went in to give him a sting and he could not eat his tea.

Now Blog the dog drinks peppermint tea and squirts it up the nearest tree, which he has done since he was three.

Blog the dog now lives with me and sometimes sits upon my knee, he cuddles up and keeps me warm, sometimes, of danger he will warn.

You see I love my dog named Blog he is miles better than any mog.


I can post what I had for my tea, lunch and dinner and if I went for a pee. I can post bitching and boast. I could like, love, wow, be sad or angry, and tell you tails of wow and where I go

I can join a group that may be a hoot or even buy and sell loot. I can post where I am and get loads of spam.

I can tell the world I love my kids even when we are on the skids. I can say I love you or I hate you I can even be mates with you too.

I can choose to accept you as a friend even though your posts drive me round the bend. I can choose to block you and what you send.

We can chat or have a spat, put up pictures and videos of our cute cat. We can post pictures of me and you or even of your baby having a poo. You can even talk to me when I’m in the loo.

I don’t care what you had for your dinner, or whether you are looking any thinner, I don’t care about your cat especially when its wearing your hat.

So please don’t make yourself look a Pratt and don’t tell the burglars where you are at. Please don’t ask me to share if my kids are beautiful or if I really care. Oh and by the way I don’t like your hair.

But ice buckets we all dared and got hacked from who knows where. We print xxxx to hide that we swear.

So be a friend and don’t offend by posting rubbish on my wall especially when you are having a brawl. No guns or images to shock or that magic button I will use it says BLOCK