Whisper in your ear, hoping you might hear, smelling your perfume as I enter the room, holding you close to make the most. Again, I whisper, I love you, in your ear, deep in sleep I hope you subconsciously hear.

Watching every breath you take and count the ones that are fake, watch your chest rise and fall, I so want you all. I watch you turn, squirm and wriggle, in a dream you let out a giggle. I put my arm over your shoulder and cuddle in tight, spooning in the middle of the night. 

I whisper again as I feel your silk skin, you just fart and pull a grin. I pull you further in, feeling the warmth of your body, intertwined body and mind. Creating heat from heads to our feet, drifting in and out of sleep. 


In this land of giants where people are defiant. Lives the most enormous giant who is the most defiant. He lives in a tree that’s bigger than you and me. And eats boys and girls for his tea.  When he speaks he spits from his cheeks and you think he has sprung a leak. He is very strong but meek, some think that’s a sign that he is weak. But make no mistake he has a mean streak. 
The giants they also look up to him and he looks down with a grin, through the hairs on his big square chin. Now when they walk and dance and prance their feet are so big the make such a din, and leave such a mess to live in. 

Now one of the giants, had friends to stay not for a week but a week and a day, they made such a racket and cost him a packet they were banished to lands far away. In the night when giants are fast asleep all laying in a heap, for warm to keep. They snore so load they scare the clouds so they rain upon the crowds. And when they stop snoring and a breath they are a drawing they suck up the clouds and the sun so no one can have fun. 

If you were a defiant giant what would you try to do? Especially in your big shoes and a big pair of trousers too. Would you use a ship as a canoe or would you bath in Sydney Harbour with soap causing such a lather?