Venomous Poet

Venom spitting poet, on paper with ink he sows it spitting, words in sheep like herds, serving aces changing faces. Firing bullets like cannon balls smashing into walls, angry sage of the modern age firing fury onto blank page.

Take no prisoners please or offend, word Smith creating fire to send, rewriting lines that twist and bend, strengthening the message they send. Melodic movements spitting ink like blades cutting an ice rink. Building the verse row by row, winding up and letting go, machine gun speed to sow the seed talking of killing, Satan and greed.

The poet slices up the verse written like a witch’s curse, voodoo doll of prose and verse, vicious words, ideas absurd, mighty ink trying to be heard. Warrior poet slaying demons, recalling of lines like a sermon. Writing poet struggling to grow, it starts to slow as ideas go, losing his flow in tales of woe. Ammunition all spent no quarter lent, message clearly sent.

© All Rights Reserved Mark Symmonds 2017

They Just Stare

You sit there upright in your chair and people just stop and stare. They talk to me like your not there as though talking to you they don’t dare. They don’t see the pain in your face they think you should always have good grace. Then there’s the others who want to race even though they couldn’t keep up the pace, they will only remember your chair they haven’t even registered your face. 

Then come the questions you know the ones I mean, will she get better and how long it’s been, obviously  the person they haven’t seen. We tell them we have children, they are very keen then comes the question we all dread the one we play back time and again in our head. How do you manage you know to have you know to do it. I wish they would go. I can’t help the reply I say it so Rye, at your age I thought you would know. That did it a direct hit, now they are feeling a bit of a tit, now they start to go . But it’s not long before the next bit of a bore asked do you know so and so.  

They think you must know cos he is like you must be some kind of queue, maybe they think there is only one or two so you know them all and they know you.  The person is behind us in the queue so no chance of make a u and getting away fast and some peace at last. It’s almost like your from a different class, not really an adult or a human but then what gives them the right to ignore you and treat you like an animal in a zoo. I wish they would all see you as you.