Mac 10

Spray and pray the gangster way, the little boys play, making their way owning the day. Settling arguments, making them pay, violence and revenge, Mac 10 takes the day. Deadly spray, hope and pray, life ebbs away.

Black clad, bandana, bad cussing and fussing street talk, killing on the sidewalk, Mac 10 trying to make them men. Hip hop and rap, street culture and crack. Mac 10 to end the deal rat a tat tat bullets spat everywhere.

No one was there, turn a blind eye letting kids die and mothers cry for ones who lie. Don’t break the code the silence mode mac 10 will keep you quiet. Death and fear the daily diet, wheeling and dealing, robbing and stealing. Life freewheeling, fast cars failed three R’s crime pays dangerous days. Mac 10 to graves it lays shortened lives in shallow graves.

© All Rights Reserved Mark Symmonds 2017

Shades of Darkness

Night has arrived with all its shades of dark, changing when they meet an obstacle or just stretch over the park, the beauty is undeniable of these many shades of dark. Night sky blueish black with tiny pin pricks of light from the stars, light shimmering in this dark facade. Jet black trees meet the lighter skyline, depicting the scariness of the forest so fine, a home to wild creatures you only see at nighttime.

The darkness of the houses silhouette against the sky, some are lit with multi colours from Windows on high. Some are all in darkness tainted by the patterns of the bricks, no window lights as the occupants lie tucked up in their warm beds asleep for the long night.

 The darkness on the ground changes from left to right depending on how much is contaminated by light, in the dark shadows where few tend to go, midnight creatures are heard scurrying to and fro. My eyes start to adjust to see the greys and blacks that make up this night time landscape, where light does not drape.

In the darkness, light still comes and goes, but darkness and shadows still interlocking flow. As the sun comes up the darkness subsides, shadows of trees swaying colours from side to side. The day time is so beautiful, but, so is the night, I really can’t decide which one I like.

©All rights reserved Mark Symmonds 2017