No MPs just candidates peddling their lies and messages of hate, now the election has a date when we all go to rate. Will they buy bombs, or give money to moms? Will they look after the old or just leave them out in the cold.

They all say their words but some are absurd, when they win they pretend we never heard. Promises made and then reneged, social class becomes a farce, when politicians get paid so vast. The gap is massive but we stay passive and let them rule the roost.

War on the world and war on the poor while they keep money sitting off shore. Money is their driving force not people of course, they would sooner you walk than have a car of course.

Low tax and no tax hacks, yet they charge us more to fund their wars. who is paying for this pain? the usual people they are all the same, they want to make you feel ashamed. what about people who moved to Spain, what have they got to gain? will they move home again as their money takes a drain.

​The Country Decides

It’s been announced that the country will decide, to stop politicians override. Now we will here what will and won’t be and all hold our breaths to wait and see. What will each party try to be and more importantly what will they do for you and me. 

Will it be one issue on which they all fight or will they make out we are all alright? Will they face the real truths or hope to keep them all out of sight? 
They will debate on TV morning noon and night, claiming it’s not a fair fight. While the people wonder what is our plight and try to decide who will win the right.

Endless debate on whose wrong or right, will it be a landslide or will it be tight and we will stay up late on that counting night. Maybe we will go to bed happy and content or maybe, full of dread and Some will be hoping Brexit is dead. 

But remember if it’s blue or red someone will be leader and at the head, chosen to deliver what they said. The papers will criticise how they have lead.  Opposition may change and their leader be estranged and they will reflect on loses and gains as someone new takes the reins. Maybe they will just burry their heads.

So when the time comes don’t sit there and gloat, get out and cast your vote, cos it don’t mater where that cross is you wrote; it’s your right to decide our plight for which or grandparents fought and so you aught to make your mark like they did, even if of this government we don’t get rid.