I like walking on the beach watching the tide amble it’s way in, filling rock pools and breaching sand castle walls, as it fizzes and bubbles and crawls. The coldness of the sea make calf’s go tight and feet sink into the soft sand below. The sea advances with no stopping jumping and hopping as it raises it’s game twice a day it plays the same. 

Waves get larger and stronger white tips across the rabid sprawl as they hit the sea wall. Spray flying into the air dampening any who dare. Then comes another wave and the water flare.  Crashing on rocks and groins and piers, sound of whooshing in the ears. 

Cold mist forms, the sea fret roles in land.  So thick you can’t see your hand. The mighty force takes its natural course.  

Then the tide starts to turn the fret recedes and the sun starts to burn as the sea is on the turn. Dragging it’s treasures back down deep rubbish and shells it wants to keep. Deposits stones and crabs and shells as the sea slowly back swells. White peaks fade to a foam, drawing down the beach all the way home. 

The sand is wet and cold where the sea took hold and rock pools glisten so bold. Seaweed and kelp lay on the shore like the aftermath of dragons at war. Then come the bathers the children and more and seagulls still happily saw above the newly replenished shore. 

The sea goes back to its place,  gently washing the sand with all its grace. Trickling back  with every reach showing off more of its nice clean beach. No trace of the immense power that was there the last hour. 

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